The Introduction Thread


omg me too

darkawaii am i forumer new


Who is DivineOryx anyways? Oh that person who got himself banned right?

shuddup dark

Jk I love you :heart:


bruh change thread thats not general chat


not a word reee


So I guess Im back? Maybe?
But yeah got some help with my depression still have mental breakdowns

I luv y’all! UwU :heart:


i forgot to do this but hello im your resident hacker


heteraabd more like hetera BAD
im funny pls lough


loughs humorously


ye know thats not my real name lol




Oi! Welcome to the forums!


Hey @TylenolKid


Didn’t see this thread when I entered the forums…
and idk what to say @Demonseye you are my friend introduce me


LudwiGa is new to the forum and is a friend of demonseye. He has played hearthstone in the past and is still loyal to Yogg after the nerfs made him unplayable. Why? You ask. That’s a good question and is quite beyond what I can understand


You welcome for the intro


Y’all Might not remember me, but IM BACK, hehe. While Im here, keep an eye out for “*****”, Ive seen him trying to buy accounts in multiple different servers.


Quick someone post South Park meme because I really should go to sleep