The Introduction Thread


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If I get that I do something like < random > so it allows me to do so




Hi i play video games


Welcome to the forums. Have a :cookie:.


Hiya! I’m LuvFruits!

It’s my first time on the forums after coming back to realm! Hope everyone is doing well! :blush:


Hey there! Have a cookie. :cookie:


Hello everyone! I know I’ve showed myself on the forums for a bit now, but wanted to introduce myself publicly, so people know me better from the start.

I am the Water-powered Machine (rotmg didnt let me enter it fully so…) and yes, I love water.

I sarted playing realm a while ago, came back to it and here to stay (at least for awhile XD).

I love games that need a deep understanding of it for me to master it, but I still enjoy simple games. I was drawn to RotMG for the countless different items present in the game, allowing strange or powerful combinations to be made. After playing for awhile, I discovered the fun of bartering (called by most merching) with other players, and how to trade my way to the top. These are my 2 biggest reasons I still play.

My preferred item right now is the Demon Blade, as using it as a main weapon made me learn more deeply and thoroughly the different attack patterns of the mid-game bosses, and gave me that sense of high-risk high-reward gameplay. But the Wand of Bulwark may become my favorite, just give me the time to get one from Stheno or her Snakeguard and learn how it functions first. Staff of Extreme Prejudice comes second, I love trying to use it everywhere I go and everytime I have one. Honorable mention to the Void Blade, wich I currently possess and tried it out. It is fun but not as much as the Dblade, useful but serves a different purpose.

My prefered dungeon is the Candyland Hunting grounds, because I find it very fun to kill the beasts with some good upbeat music playing in the background. Also I kind of want to possess a soulbound Fairy Plate or a soulbound Pixie-enchanted Sword.

I usually run mid-game dungeons, but I tried some end-game dungeons recently, and I find it a little bit overwhelming. Like the other day I tried a Tomb and I got a Shendyt out of it, and near the end of the Nest event I solo cleared to the boss and was happy to nexus with a lot of good pots grabbed along the way. The dungeons I run the most are Snake pit for the wand (even after the droprate buff I still don’t have one), Toxic Sewers for the Trooms, the whites and the def pots, and Candyland whenever I can (though I’m not roaming the midlands searching for the gnome).

I don’t believe in the kendostick-fire sword thing, but I do have an equivalent: the power pizza you get from the sewer’s trooms? When I get one, I run snake pits and if I get a Wand of Bulwark, I put the power pizza in its place, like a tip you would leave for the servers in a bar. Except its a slice of pizza, for a Snake queen (btw why is she only queen when all of the realm’s medusas are godesses?).

I don’t particularly have a favorite class, I think every class has a different gameplay to it and all have a purpose (yes even Wizard). The classes I find are the most cool-looking? Assassin, because of all his skins and because he lobs poisons at enemies and Samurai, because everytime I use his ability, I can picture in my head how he slashes hordes of dudes with a short blade.

I hope to see you all here, on the forums, or inside the game! I will gladly run a few snake pits with you if ever you ask. Or a sewers maybe, :wink: .

Edit: and yes, my posts here on this forum tend to be a lil bit long, I always try to be as concise as possible tho


Hi I’m Crazeeyd. It’s always interesting to see how people pronounce my name. I, personally, don’t know how to pronounce it, but people pronounce it Crazy-dee, cray-zed, or crazy-eyed. Well, nice to meet yall!


I would say Craze-eed, like crazied



Also welcome




only shatts rls pronounce it like that








Hi I’m logan and I play this game too much. I also like puppies imo


Welcome to the forums!
Here, have a wine cellar flower:


very cool thanks lol


You’re welcome XD, discovered this neat lil thing the other day, where if you put an inc on top of a speed sprout in your inventory it looks like a flower. Just wanted to reproduce it here but there are no inc emojis nor speed sprout sadly, so this was the closest I could get it to work.