The Introduction Thread


Speed sprout go zoom


Hey I’m PiiNeS I’m really bad at the game but RNG seems to shine on me in this game. 14 whites and 3 orange bags in 3 days.


May I ask what drops?


A lot of cutlasses, spirit dagger, snake lutes, the parrot lute, pyramid and sphinx ring. The oranges were the docks helm and 2 rings. I later died with my warrior that was holding all my items.




Welcome! Here’s a wine cellar flower for you:



hello i’m amaroth (aka rabcord in rotmg though i would change it if i could) i play video games and that’s it


Welcome, Rabcord!

I am EddyOrk. I, too, am a gamer. For now that just means I play a lot of League of Legends, but I occasionally play RotMG, Trove, Path of Exile, and Neverwinter (along with other games that do not come to mind at the moment).

Enjoy your time on the forums! Make yourself at home!

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thanks takes :cookie:


Have my kind welcome, as well as this incantation flower

Oh @Crazeeyd sorry I forgot to welcome you. Have 2 flowers. One for the welcome and another for my mistake
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I just realized your pfp isnt a UFO


it isnt, sorry. i think i might have to change it, it looks too generic for my tastes but im lazy. so youll have to kick me in the Ancient. Stone. Sword. if you would like it to change

edit: i wont change it then


Hi people! I might be several years late introducing myself, but oh well, here I am.


Hmmm. I’m late too.

##Welcome twitchystr

I’m new to the forums, give me cookies


Have a cookie then :cookie:


Well hello there, welcome to the space designed for discussion. Its called a forum.

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‘‘looks at regular title’’ well @Twitchystr since you are not new at all, you are gonna get a flower as well…

Welcome, nonetheless!


Btw don’t take cookies or flowers from spooky men like WaterPower and PiiNeS, it’s dangerous


Don’t listen to people like LudwiGa they’re all lolicons.




I am not a pedophile