The Introduction Thread


Exactly which is why I said you were a lolicon.


Hi, I’m Wortal. Writing here because I’m new to the forums.
I play this game sometimes.





here’s a welcome gift that was laying around in my vault:
you can actually make this in-game by putting a wine cellar incantation on top of a speed sprout


I have been on the forums for awhile now and I realized I have not really introduced myself properly, so here goes nothing. :slight_smile: Hello everybody! My name is Triiple and I love playing games, coding and playing the guitar. I am just your (un)average athletic male teenager who tries to set a good example on the forum. If you see me ingame feel free to say hello to me. Btw The Chosen is an amazing tv show!


Imagine introducing myself smh
Hi, I’m XBookwyrmX btw; I don’t like having those X’s in my name very much. I stalk you all just a little, but I’m a nice guy, ok? ;.;


Thanks for bringing this up, Book. Never met you before, but maybe we can be friends someday.

Anyways. Hi, everyone! I know I’m late by a few days, but I thought I’d introduce myself because I’m a new community member. I usually go by Gamma or Rogue, and I’m a light blue star. I’m a really big noob, haven’t even gotten any event whites, blah blah blah. Still getting a feel for this game, but I’m honestly loving it already! Hope I get to meet you all. I love to draw, and might even make my own art thread later on. I have some plans for fan-fiction as well, but I have a funny feeling that I won’t be able to stick to the grinding schedule. Thanks for having me.






One may state that they are quitting RotMG.
The truth is, all breaks are temporary.

o/ all, I’m Spud. Nice to meet everyone (For the 6th, possibly 7th time at this point.)


:handshake: Welcome back, sir. How long do you plan to stay with us?


Hopefully longer than the last few times.


Marvelous, sir. Here, let our stewards :adult::man_red_haired: take care of your luggage :briefcase::handbag::pouch:. The Supreme suite has been prepared, just as you asked.


rule 1 of rotmg:
quit btw




Oof how you got unbanned?

Also, welcome back bud.


wait, it isn’t 2031?


10 years from now? I predict that RotMG gets shut down during that time…


R.I.P Rotmg

oh wait it isn’t 2031


hi again