The Journey of the Mongrel (PPE thread)


My old, dusty Steam Rotmg account has not been used in over 2 years. This was back when I played rogue too much, and when you could still retain Ancestor fame bonus if you deleted your characters instead of killing them.

This is the ppe of Zasshu. The mongrel. I only have a shitty level 1 heal pet so its practically an NPE.


I only thought to log my ppe after I started it, so I already have gear.

Went through the beach and lowlands. Got a dirk and t0 ring from tutorial.
Went to godlands. Got fire dagger and t8 leather from chest.
Went in a Wlab and got exa dex.
Got a drake hide from glands.
Went into sprite world and got a mace. Not a pwalker :confused: (didn’t SS because it’s a sprite white)
Got a t3 cloak from either a udl or abyss.

First lab ever on the account. Got conducting and ragetalon.
UDL troom. Of course the fucking warrior gets a white. I despise warrior players, especially when you are rushing, and they come with their cute lil helms and fuck up your rush. Asshole class for assholes.
No offense, of course, only to warrior mains who use colo.


Is this still going on?


Yeah, thank deca for doing so many events that I have to play on my main account