The Mad God Province is looking for people to build a great community


Mad God Province
Many years ago, when the Kingdom of the Mad God was in constant unrest and chaos after many years of war, a handful of people with the intention to create a new place to live in, found uninhabited areas, full of colorful flowers and various greenery. These people considered this place a paradise on earth and decided to found a province there in which they finally found peace and silence without overwhelming life from second to second. They gave the province a name in honor of their ruler: the Province of the Mad God.

Welcome to the Mad God Province, a place where you will find peace and quiet.

-=- Rules -=-
Just try to be in tune with human nature and have at least some knowledge about playing this wonderfully sick game.

Also, try to be non-toxic individuals, we do not tolerate such behavior here.

We also ask you to be active frequently, players who will be offline for more than 21 days will be kicked out of the guild. This threshold may be exceeded if the player insists that he is taking a break from the game for a certain period of time.

We also want you to have at least two characters that are maxed out.

We also require you to have a Discord as the guild server is under development.

-=- What do we offer -=-

  • Help;
  • Friendly Atmosphere;
  • Place to talk

-=- The Last Words -=-
For further action, write to Bardzi in the game or Babinky#2921 on discord

We hope that you will join and stay with us as long as possible :^)

Most sincere greetings

Mad God Provincial Council


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