The Market Place


So, the Market Place.
(WARNING!! If you hate long blocks of text, this might not be for you)

I think we’ve all been to USWest2 once, and seen the absolute insane number of players there. Like most people, you usually get your Sell/Buy message ready, and try to find an open spot where your screen isn’t bombarded with messages and spam. Now all you do is wait in your one corner until someone notices, buys or sells you their item you want, and you go back to fighting in the realm.
This isn’t the most “effective” way to trade, not by a long shot. Not including annoying facts such as…

-For most people, even going on that server is a nightmare with all the lag
-You can barely see any messages clearly before they get hidden under another message
And by far, most annoyingly…
The fact that you don’t know if someone /tell you in chat. Let me explain.

So, lets say I post a trade offer in Realmeye, and I’m selling an Acclaim for 3 Life. Now, usually, I would go to my usual server (USWest) And play in the realm until someone messages me, and I’m constantly waiting for that blue text to pop up on my chat. This is a flawed system, but it works and its fast. But here’s the problem.
If you are trading massive amounts of items, or you want to just spend your day trading and such, you would go to USWest2 like many others to just sit there, and trade away. But you still have your offer on Realmeye, and even when a player looking to trade with you messages you, YOU CANT SEE THEIR MESSAGES! The massive amount of text in the chat makes it impossible to know if someone messaged you or not, making posting trade offers on Realmeye a little “useless”, for lack of a better word. Yes, you could use it if your casually trading for a life, or any other item. But it is very frustrating when you go to USWest2, and someone messages you but you don’t respond, finding out later on that indeed someone did message you but you couldn’t see their /tell because of the amount of chat there was on screen.

Okay, so where am I going with this, you ask?
I want to introduce my new idea for RotMg, the Market Place.

The basic idea is to eliminate the cluster of people that stand around and spam text. Basically.
So how do I think I can get rid of that?

The “Market Place” would be an area at the Nexus (or somewhere else where every player, new or old can access) Where there would be many, many “Booths”, or places where players could stand. Right next to/Above them would be a billboard-like-Item that showcases their trade offer. (Buying Acclaim, Selling Life, etc.) But because its a billboard, players could copy+paste their message onto the billboard, and never have to spam in chat. This would be much more effective, clean and fast, since…

-There is no spam in the chat, so you can see it someone is talking to you or if someone is /telling you
-The Market Place would be a very organized area, so any player could easily navigate the market
-Players that want to Buy/Sell items, would just have to copy their message on to the billboard that is “assigned” to their booth, and just wait it out!

I think this would be very interesting and cool if it was added into the game, and trading would be much more clean, fast, and effective for any player, new or old.


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So you’d have to walk around in a maze of sellers trying to find something you want to buy. The thing with a lot buyers and sellers in ROTMG is that they’re really lazy and hostile when it comes to trading. How would you even designate who would get or wouldn’t get a booth. What would determine who got them? How tf do you prevent more than 2 people from going in the same one. How would you display item names on a board and not have people troll by writing inappropriate messages.I mean besides the fact that DECA would never bother implementing something like this, its not practical to have one of these in every single nexus.


Sorry, I didn’t clarify. I will upload a picture of the design, but the idea is, there would be multiple columns of booths, and there would be around as many booths as the game can handle. This could ensure that all if not most players get a booth.
Also, for “claiming” a booth for yourself, I was thinking of a teleportation system for the fairest and easiest way. Each booth would be accessible to one person only at a time, and if someone is inside, no other player would be able to enter.
There would be a “Teleportation device” or something that looks like a dungeon portal, than when entered, would automatically send you to an open booth. When you are done selling, you could enter that same portal to exit.
On the note of inappropriate messages, there would be a system just like the /report function, but it would be in a fashion when 5 or more people report someone for “inappropriate message on billboard” (or whatever) would be unable to enter any booths for a set amount of time.
I hope this answered your question


Please no. I understand it would be convenient, but merching is one of the things I enjoyed doing the most and this would absolutely make it disappear.

I don’t want the Marketplace to do to RotMG the same thing that Grand Exchange did to RS.

It would decrease the already limited player interaction by a lot.


You mean give players more time to actually play the game instead of spamming their offers in 1 place for hours and pretty much every rpg online does that not just rs

I’ve always thought it would streamline the game and make it far more appealing. I mean trading servers look like garbage to new and old players


Player Chat= Off
Whisper Chat=On
Or turn your star requirement up to 10.


Or you can just enter them in a bank and just post offers. You can search up what you want and either get it sent to your gift chest or pm the person.


Well I mean players are use to it at this point. Theres not much chance we’ll change how we’ll trade.


Am I the only one who remembers when the trading server was USW3?


Yeah, you could add a new area to the nexus where there are halls of booths, but you would need the booths to be fairly small, no more than 3 tiles in order to fit the number of people in the trading server. Another way to solve this would be a setting to turn off in game chat so you only receive messages from your guild or PMs.


Or, they could implement a system similar to (that which shall not be named) in which you could access an area in which you could walk over an item and in the interact area there could pop up a menu prompt in which you can see all of the listed offers, in order to keep the list to a reasonable size after 2 days the offer is taken down and you can claim your item back from an NPC in this market area. In order for this to be OP storage plz nerf, after a set amount of time your items will be deleted, this timer would start when you next sign in after your offer is removed, you’ll have like a day or two to claim these items back, they’ll go directly to your inventory so you cant store stuffz in your gift chests either. When you log in after your offer is removed you’ll get a pop-up similar to that of the daily calendar, and if your offer expires when you’re still online you’ll get this pop-up when you next go to nexus. of course you’d be able to remove these offers for no price and the item will be sent back into your inventory just like when claiming the item. You cannot claim these items if your inventory is full, they will not be sent to gift chests or deleted if you try to claim them with a full inventory, it will just remove the option to remove the item until you make space for them in your inventory.


That defeats the purpose of the trading server, no? It’s a trading server because people try to find deals when they can. Not just posting offers and waiting


Change is always good, no? c:


Yes, I have already thought out about the layout of the booths. I will upload a picture soon in the future.


This would make the trading server obsolete, instead you are just making an in-game version of the realmrye. The main function of the trading sever is still there, you go to the nexus and try to find deals/sell or buy your item, but this system would just make that process much more easier.


This idea has potential, but certain aspects of it haven’t been thought out thoroughly.

For instance, you mentioned lag as a major problem in USW2. Wouldn’t your solution only add to the lag being generated? I’d imagine that loading in dozens of billboards would only worsen the lag.

You also complained about trading taking very long. How would your solution solve this problem? I imagine that standing at a booth will take roughly the same time as standing in the nexus and spamming, but perhaps you would gain a few extra seconds because of the facility of reading the offers.

You said that the “basic idea is to eliminate the cluster of people that stand around and spam text.”

How would your solution get rid of the cluster of people? If these billboards are only generated on a single server, players would have the same problem that they do currently regarding trading on their home server - it would take too long. And, if these billboards are generated on every server, the resulting lag would be so intense that I don’t think it would be worth it to implement the idea.

How would your idea prevent people from spamming text? I don’t see how putting up boards would stop someone from pressing CTRLv every three seconds. Perhaps it would give them less of a reason to do so, but it doesn’t prevent them from doing it. Additionally, if messages work as they traditionally work in this area, players could still block off the text on a billboard.

Lastly, I am concerned by the potential malicious acts that could arise from the billboard system. Would there be any measures to prevent someone from getting thousands of bots to create their own billboards, causing lag? Would your report system be able to accurately get rid of inappropriate messages? I feel that a simple 5-man decision could be abused by trolls to take down legitimate traders’ messages, thus rendering the system useless.

tl;dr: You have obviously taken time to think of this idea, but, as it stands, it doesn’t seem to truly solve any of the problems you mentioned. Your idea beats around the bush - there are many measures you discuss which have some potential of solving the aforementioned problems, but none of them really do so. I think that, if you put in some more time to fully convey your idea, it could be greatly improved.


Am I the only one who remembers when the trading server was USW?


Nice comeback!