The market


Do you think the economy in rotmg is going to crash everything is getting more expensive everyday and Greater lifes are worthless because no one can sell them or turn them back into pure life
any information on whats going on


The market has always dealt with oversaturation of items. Only thing worth selling are oldtops abilities, but even at that, its not enough to make an interesting market.


What’s getting more expensive though? We have the same tradable items as always.

And tradable tops are pretty cheap. But not being able to convert back your lifes quickly through merching, I’d say that’s expected in any scenario.


so seeing 2 def getting sold for life is perfectly ok or tops being worth 5-6 life now


What’s wrong with that? I’m not disregarding what you’re saying, but why are you saying it?


there isn’t really much of an economy anyway, with Deca making better, soulbound versions of previously tradable items, and not releasing any tradable items outside of an event or two (valentine letters, not really something that adds to the economy.)



honestly surprised that tops even sell for more than a def or two, there is a giant amount of them and they’re very easily obtainable.


Buuut with the limited amount of things that still drop tops - dupers notwithstanding - and the ever-increasing amount of life flowing into the economy, it still makes sense why they’ll cost more life.


True, but this is an issue with life losing value, rather than other items gaining value, as the OP stated.


Nothing in rotmg’s current “market” is OK, literally everything is broken (item value being controlled by dupers) or inconsistent (tiered items being tradable and not at the same time).

The prices are extremely random (apart from variations with chest events and etc) because nothing has true value if it can be printed out by a glitch.

I think you’re only looking at a small portion of it, which is life losing value. I sold life for 5 wis/vit to max.


To me, a Life pot worths 8 SPD/DEX/WIS, 4 ATT/DEF/VIT and 2 Mana.

Wis is easy to obtain like Speed and Dex (you can raid UDL using a fresh level 20 without much problem, as long as you don’t step on those OP traps and rush carelessly).

But Vit, Abby is a dangerous dungeon to raid that the Brutes and Demons, while they are weak, they are so fast and can deal truckload of damage per hit. That’s why I price 1 Vit has the same value of ATT and Def.