The Nest/Crystal Challenges [Apr 28th to May 4th] +Q&A!


Copied from an official Deca Reddit post by u/Deca_Dytto:

:arrow_right: For May Login Calendar topic, see: May 2020 Login Calendar

April deaths infographic - large image so the below is at 25% size, can click to expand it (or right-click, view image), or see the original 6000px tall at:

& in-game news item graphic:


May 2020 Login Calendar
What skin did you get?(Including Motmg, mystery skins, halloween,etc)

that death infogrpahic is really cool.


Didnt we have a cavern event one week ago?


3 weeks ago.


my guess is that were going to have a lot of these endgame dungeon events for the next few weeks. Its giving players a chance to get current tops before the release of O3.


I like how they make a point to shame the 3811 people who died in evil water


Maybe this will be the week I finally made it to Crystal Cavern… That ninja set is so pretty…


I wonder if they just stole the death numbers from


That sounds like a lot more effort than running some queries on our database through a spreadsheet.


Aha so now we know why The Inner Workings was needed, for these death calculations. :smile:


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