The New vault packs are glitched?


so basically, i bought the new vault pack that is supposed to give u 3 new vaults with 1000 gold, but even after the gold has been deleted from my acccount the vault chests arent there.

is it glitched or is the vaults in my gift chests as consumable items?


there’s a vault pack?



try logging out and then back in. If doesnt work, send support ticket.


so what do i do?


I also bought it and received nothing. BS


hmm. maybe, just maybe they implemented the new consumable vaults, check your gift chests.


same thing just happened to me…


#if the pack is glitched, dont buy it!!
deca’s packs have been glitchy before. wait till they fix it, dont waste you gold!!
unless it’s the “consumable vaults.” then check your gift chests


@Higapie @RulerofLaw @EragonKai

Don’t worry about losing money, Deca’s a trustworthy company; they’re not going to scam you.

Send them a support ticket, and they’ll help you out.



K sorry guys but the new vaults have appeared in my vault, one day after so yeah


This might help


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