The Oh Shiet Button (for freezes and when you click off the page)


Credit to @Jakisaurus for showing me this

This will run a .bat file to close the RotMG window (even when alt f4 and the like wont work)

  1. Open note pad

  2. 2a. Replace “flashplayer_??_sa.exe” with “Realm of the Mad God.exe” for steam

  3. Save the file as killrealm.bat.

  4. There will now be both the txt and bat files on you computer.

  5. Use a program like auto hotkey or if you have a mouse that can bind keys map a button to run the .bat file.

Now when you click the button this should happen

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Here is a universal guide (Steam, Browser, Flash) for Mac users

Step 1: Freeze cuz you have a Mac

Step 2: Command + Q

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Profit


Nice! I might use this in the future.


Except that sometimes doesn’t work for me. I’ve had a few deaths where CMD +Q nor did the force quit dialogue pop-up work and this you can keybind to something.

@Shatter you should include the bit about how to keybind. thanks again Jaki!

Also AHK resets for me if I restart so make sure the keybind actually works each time!


Well I don’t use AHK I use my mouses razer synapse so yeah.


Oh, I thought of this just now but how about an extension to this that kills Internet as well? Shoobops mentioned that sometimes you can’t kill flash (happened to me before where nothing worked) so how about killing Internet?

I can’t code though lol. Ethereal cable pulling is probably the most reliable but I can’t use ether net because router is by the TV


CMD+W also works for the browser. Never had it fail me.


Or you could turn off the power…

Put your computer out of it’s misery.


lol i have a razer deathadder :smiley:


ayyy i have a razer naga chroma, not a hex :smiley:


To clarify, the point of this is when Alt+F4 fails. E.g. the game physically froze in Windows, or another window pops up over Realm, or SOMETHING causes you to lose control of the game. This will kill realm immediately even if you can’t see it anymore.

Also, an Autohotkey script bound to Ctrl+Esc to run the file if you don’t have a cool mouse -

;Force close Realm
	Run, taskkill "/f" "/im" "Realm of the Mad God.exe"

Again, replacing the exe filename with whatever you use.


Lol I just spam click the x button until something happens. Admittedly not the best method, but on the plus side, when I die I rage quit for a bit and do some work.


i thought u had autonexus >:(


Me on my kong acc = spam all the close buttons I see.


Wait there are hacks for kong?


i thought only steam and flash player…


Can you please put all your sentences into one comment. I have an account on kong (this one) and when I wanted to hack I made a new account on the regular rotmg. Ofc there aren’t hacks for kong, its just an extra level of security to go through, plus its rare to find rotmg players on kong as opposed to the regular site.


y did u say that?


In his other posts, he wanted to experiment with hacks, and see why hacks are desirable to a certain percentage of the community.


Wut. Autohotkey already has that built in, no need for another file.

Process, Close, flashplayer_18_sa.exe