“The Older Realms” - An attempt at a more traditional RotMG experience!


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Ok, interruptions aside, I would like to welcome anyone who wishes to join me in a little project I’ve been formulating for the past few weeks, now dubbed as “The Older Realms!” (Thanks, @Puffagod. Glad you liked that one :joy:)

The details are all in the Discord invitation I have copied below, but here’s a summary of the gist of it:
Do any of you remember the RIFTS seasons? The things I never heard about until too late, now that they are pretty much discontinued… Well if you do, it’s moderately comparable to those; if not, fear not! Basically, I want create group that finds (preferably new) abandoned Realms in quiet servers, then abide by a set of rules that make the game more similar to how it used to. The largest rules are:

• In order to join, you must start off with a fresh L0 character, including your equipment. No using your stored pots and gear!
• Pets stay in the pet yard
• Trading is allowed, but only with those participating in the Discord in the event. No merching with outsiders!
We may be a Discord, but communication is to primarily take place on the in-game chat during an event. There we other indeed other similar chat mediums back then, but I’d like to keep this Discord away from being a current traditional Discord server. Feel free to use it plentifully out of sessions, however!
• More details are found in the Discord link below for this and the points above, but the primary goal of a session is to close the Realm and defeat Oryx using our own wits and looted resources.

If you’re interested, please join us! You will forgive me if there are some initial hiccups; I’m new to Discord, and I would like to thank @Puffagod and especially @LudwiGa for helping me to get this set up! Just enter your RotMG ign in the #verification channel, and well get your nickname changed and grant you “verified” access to the rest of the server.

And for those that would rather look at the current rule set in more detail, here’s the (lengthy) spoiler. I am still deciding and will continue to be clarifying things, especially regarding the organization of events, who will be managed by myself and my DMs.

Current Discord Rules

Greetings, denizens of the Nexus and current scourges of Oryx’s Realms! I’ve been looking forward to organizing this variation of RotMG, now dubbed “The Older Realms” (Puffapproved name!) for quite some time now. My aim of creating this server its to simulate how the old days of this game work to a degree (some things should remain in the past), and hopefully present an entertaining challenge for my willing victims players! Here’s a tutorial of what the main premise of the game will look like:

1) Everyone who wishes to join an organized event must participate with a freshly spawned character with its basic gear equipped. There will be no early consumption of pots, girding of stashed loot, or even the mere opening of quest chests on this particular character unless you found the marks with said character!

2) This is to be a petless experience. All pets will remain happily in their yard, awaiting your return!

3) I am limiting the trading of pots and gear to occur between those who are actively engaged in a current event.
(This might seem a little weird, and not at all like the old game at first glance, but I don’t want easily cheesed pots and gear from merching in an economy filled to the brim with riches. Who all remembers when T8 equipment had pot values? So yes, this is a simulation of an economy more broke in times past.)

4) The primary goal is to close the realm and fight Oryx (and possibly O2 if someone manages to find an inc!) or one of the Court dungeons, unless we determine that we want to do a different endgame dungeon like the Shatters.

5) I’m not limiting running any of the newer dungeon content. As a matter of fact, I highly encourage it! I’m merely attempting to capture the spirit of gameplay of times past. Many of the OG dungeons have changed over time themselves, so feel free to hunker down and brave any dungeon you wish!

6) And finally, this Discord channel is :skull_and_crossbones:️***NOT***:skull_and_crossbones:️ to be used for regular communication and coordination by players when playing the match. You can all use this place to talk in the aftermath, or if you have some other important information to share, but I want the in-game chat to be used for most of our communication, for more than reason!


Those are the main rules, but I reserve the right to manipulate them as I see fit when I’ve harvested some data on our runs. The one that is subject to highest potential modification would be point 6.
I’ll include some additional information below in the meantime:

• First of all, please bear with my glaring inadequacies, as I’m still quite new to Discord and am still learning the ropes on both properly utilizing the tools offered here and organizing massive online events. I will be hunting down a willing group of DMs to help organize runs, as I will not always be available to personally oversee everything, especially if it involves distant time zones. We will decide at what times and what server/Realm(s) we will be taking over in our chats as able.

• For the love of all that is good, please follow the Discord ToS! A little rowdiness can be permitted, but I really don’t want to boot anyone. My DMs and I will give fair warnings before doing so, however. If you’re unsure about whether or not something is allowed, just ask!

• On that note, if anyone has any questions/suggestions about what’s allowed here, suggestions, complaints, or requests, please take it to the Inquisitarium (Q&A central)! I will have a timer set limiting the flow of posts per person to give us time to respond and prevent needless spam, so be sure to think of everything to ask about on your post before sending it, please.

If you like the idea of this system, please head over to the <#747885389435371532> thread and offer up your RotMG ign and become “verified.” Many thanks!

BONUS: A kind soul suggested that, although it will not be in any way enforced, that you can change your settings to make it feel even more like early RotMG:
• Use the default cursor sprite
• Turn on all ally shots (if your computer can handle it)
• Turn off pots to max settings
• Turn on curse indicator
• Play strictly without screen rotation and have the screen centered on your character
Cracking dumb outdated jokes from the older days and Realm closure parties are acceptable (kms)
•Etc. :3


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Some people do. I use it quite frequently. I know that some people hybrid between using it and not depending on the dungeon, and others don’t use it at all.


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It should never expire now. Just a warning, it’s still clunky. I’m trying to improve the welcoming process with a bot atm. I’m still new at this.

Edit: The link should now be fixed on the forums


Now that I’ve finally got my new character slot, I’d like the opinion of anybody in or out of the current Discord on which class I should create first! I’m abiding by the rules stated above, so just pick what you’re favorite class is or something.

  • Archer
  • Assassin
  • Bard
  • Huntress
  • Knight
  • Mystic
  • Necromancer
  • Ninja
  • Paladin
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Samarai
  • Sorcerer
  • Trickster
  • Warrior
  • Wizard

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Update: Well, I’m slowly making this place more public. There’s a smaller Discord I’m advertising on. I’m still trying to avoid Reddit.


Update 2: Belay the last order. With some collaboration, we’re giving Reddit a shot. Worst case scenario, this project falls apart, dissembling into chaos, rather than remaining with a lower population that struggles to be online at the same time.