The Oryx’s four closest confidants.. ./[Spoiled Arts]



Chief Beisa and Agent of Oryx Items [Exalt Blog]

You never fail to impress, Sataru! It’s looking mighty fine, I love how you pretty much nailed the atmosphere of the bosses like Gemsbok looking sly and cunning and the maliciousness of Dammah.

Looking forward to seeing the completed piece as always~ Moddy_Happy%20small


Thank you (◍>ᴗ<◍):heart:


One, two, three, erm…

…hmm, surely there must be a way to figure out the fourth one’s name. ;)

It looks mighty fine already, excited for the full piece 0u0


EX. [RotMG Exalt]- Chancellor Dammah


So Dammah sure likes throwing knives around, huh…


EX. [RotMG Exalt]- Oryx the Mad God (Exalted)


*insert menacing JoJo sfx here*


EX. [RotMG Exalt]- Chief Beisa


EX Part2. [RotMG Exalt]- Oryx the Mad God (Exalted)


Izayoi Sakuya from Touhou <3


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