The Protectors are Back for You


TheProtectorsOfNexus (RO/ENG) :
Welcome to TheProtectorsOfNexus, we have friendly guild members here so you can join and have some fun.

Requirements :
1 - Experience in game, like about every dungeon, we are trying to do guild dungeons so a minimum knowledge it helps.
2 - Decent characters/gears (Preferably 4/8 and T12/T6/T13/T5) because is pretty weird to have bad DPS, it takes more time and is more boring than usual.
3 - No cheaters.
4 - Time-zone: Any EU.
5 - Being an active player - minimum orange/yellow star, this is pretty easy right now especially after the fame rework.
6. The language required is Romanian or English.

How to apply :
Message on game/realmeye/discord: SkilledRO / Skilled#4506
Discord and other informations : We dont have a discord server yet because i just came back to the game, but if we will reach an amount of active people in the guild i will consider to create one.
Link of guild in realmeye - [ ]