The Purge... if you have 45 minutes


No, organization is not worth it.
This took a lot of time.
I had to start waiting a while before swapping chars to make sure I didn’t get a 10 min dc



image excuse me good sir,what the fuck


the question is why do u have like 26 ASS


Listen here scorchy to this tale of woe
Of deca, the balance foe.
On a sweet day, not like any other,
The stone guard said to his brother:
“Great scott, our soulbound damage is too high
We must lower it, or A.S.S.’ will be neigh!”
And so the stone guards lowered their threashold
But alas, lo and behold
The drop rates were higher than we thought
So before the deca could undo this, i fought.
And this day, A.S.S.'s rained from the sky
And, I did not throw them because I was high. (not really, but it rhymes ok)


me when mommy opens my DMs


image so slimy


@ArkRumierA :wink:


Just try the same thing when you have 100 chests and 35 chars with backpack the dc just kills you XD


No it’s 2


I do not have 45 minutes


Can i have some slime wizzy skins good sir? @CandyShi


the question is why are u doing so many oryxs. the only reason i see is the uts on events and oryx kills.


Because I grinded out realms for a jugg, did oryx, rinse and repeat.


just nexus at castle


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