The Regular Bridge


ummmm… how can you tell? I (think) I look at a diversity of topics. I look at ideas, game discussion, forum games, and all that jazz.


@Doc how close am I to hecking regular


i’d wager that one or both of your topics read and posts read counts are too low for the past 100 days. remember, it’s 50% of posts/topics in the past 100 days read, and (from my observations) you have to hover over a post for around 3-5 seconds to have it count as read, so scrolling through a bunch of posts without actually reading them doesn’t work.

i think there may be a posts created requirement but i’m not too sure on that. the likes requirement is fulfilled for now, but you should get to liking some posts since the last post(s) you liked was(ere) on the third of june.


Forum hack: best way that i have found to do this is get on a computer and scroll out as much as possible, it gets many more posts on the screen at once to be “read”




i did some observation today and it apparently doesn’t work. it only seems to count the top 5 posts as read. easiest way to see it is by looking at whether the post still has a small blue circle indicating unread next to the post date.


The time has come.


yo what i at


@Doc so ummm how long do I have?


You’ve got 3 months to live.

If you want Regular before you expire I urge you to read at least twice as many posts as you do now.


i want reg so i can post my shitposts in the wc directly instead of relying on someone to move the posts for me


Get flagged less.


don’t worry im happy to do it for you


wait so if i get flagged by anyone even if it doesnt get hidden it hinders my regular progress?
if so uhhhh
cant someone just flag people all at once randomly on multiple accounts


Flags need approved by mods. If someone flags something off-topic or inappropriate (ie rule breaking) we either agree or disagree. Sockpuppets can flag all they want, but generally if a post is flagged more than once I only agree with the first one and ignore the rest. Also, the software looks for “diversity” in the flaggers, so one person flagging all your posts won’t in itself impact you. It’s more a count + who flagged that can affect regular status.

In your case it would appear that your shitposts now and then have enough people who find it off topic that you get flagged often. We can’t help but disagree with some of those flags since shitposts are almost always off-topic.




other than the flags what do i need?


aren’t flags like an automatic disqualification for regular until like 30 days?


and i dont know how many flags i need to get banned sorry :frowning: :kiss: xoxox


no, it’s exceeding 5 flags within the past 100 days that prevents you from getting reg.
that said, itsgrandma has gotten those flags within a decidedly short amount of time, so he might have a pretty long wait.