The Regular Bridge


You need to read a ton more posts, but otherwise you’re set.

You’ve got at least 35 days to go.


I figured… Relieved I don’t need more likes. People have gotten stingy with them I see. Either that or my post quality is even worse than my old shitposts somehow…


@Doc how close is @Adeadawdee to be come regular?


@Doc how close am I to become regular?


You’ve been here long enough, but you don’t read much.


Like time or amount


i think you have to have read 50% of posts made in the past 100 days


just make a ppe thread. or post random stuff in white bag thread if you want likes


how close am I to reg daddy @doc
Im too much a lurker aren’t I


@doc bothering you about this again but i went on vacation for the past 2 weeks and i was wondering if my days visited are still 100/100


Yep, LurkMaster.

You missed a day somewhere. 99/100


rip dreams


so do i just need to post more and be set?


Should have put an /s.

You look at too little, both in terms of forum diversity and replies in a topic. Regulars are to have a pretty good grasp on the community here as a whole, but you’re not even halfway to the standard.


ummmm… how can you tell? I (think) I look at a diversity of topics. I look at ideas, game discussion, forum games, and all that jazz.


@Doc how close am I to hecking regular


i’d wager that one or both of your topics read and posts read counts are too low for the past 100 days. remember, it’s 50% of posts/topics in the past 100 days read, and (from my observations) you have to hover over a post for around 3-5 seconds to have it count as read, so scrolling through a bunch of posts without actually reading them doesn’t work.

i think there may be a posts created requirement but i’m not too sure on that. the likes requirement is fulfilled for now, but you should get to liking some posts since the last post(s) you liked was(ere) on the third of june.


Forum hack: best way that i have found to do this is get on a computer and scroll out as much as possible, it gets many more posts on the screen at once to be “read”




i did some observation today and it apparently doesn’t work. it only seems to count the top 5 posts as read. easiest way to see it is by looking at whether the post still has a small blue circle indicating unread next to the post date.