The Return of Trillum's Thickets!


Hey everybody, after around a year, I’ve finally brought back my thicket server!

It seems like most servers nowadays focus on completing their respective dungeon as fast as possible, and to aid them they use discord bots, gear/stat requirements, and skilled raid leaders. Well I chose to take a different approach with my server, it worked perfectly the first time, and I have hopes it will work again now! My server focuses on runs being chill and casual. Absolutely no gear/stat reqs and no verification necessary! Simply join the server and enjoy doing thickets with everyone else :slight_smile:

The server is intended to be pretty simple and basic, so there aren’t much text channels or roles at all. Just the bare channels necessary for it to be a polished server. When runs are organized, we’ll simply hang around in the voice channel and have a fun time with each other. I’ll unmute random people that ask (to a certain extent, don’t want things being chaotic), and we’ll do as many runs at a time as we can until we either run out of keys or all get bored :smile:

In its past, we were able to crank out hundreds of runs per week, with activity far higher than any other server based around thickets. Currently I will be managing the server by myself, but once the server (hopefully) starts to pick up and demand increases, I will be enlisting help from trusted and active members of the server, and when this happens I plan to cover the EU times as well.

Now, since I did just remake the server, I will need some help getting it back off the ground again, and that’s where you all come in. The most important thing obviously is keys, and to incentivize them, VIP roles will be handed out that give nice little perks. The more the merrier, hopefully runs can begin later today if we do end up getting enough keys and participants :slight_smile:

Here’s the link for you to try everything out:

Feel free to ask any questions in this thread, I’d be happy to answer and provide more information about the server.


Will you do court runs or no?


Possibly, I’m more than willing to. Really just depends on how many keys we get tomorrow, and how often we’ll get those keys. Once the ball starts rolling and plenty of runs are done each day, I wouldn’t want momentum to be lost due to lack of keys, so I will be doing court runs to keep the pace going.



Since we’re both trying to (re)start a specific Discord, and with main purpose to have fun together, may i post your invite link on my own?

Link to PPE2Gether’s invite on Realmeye

Of course it would help me if you posted my invitation link on your discord as well :wink:


Sounds like a nice idea! I’m going to head to sleep first though, go ahead and join the server and shoot me a pm on discord, and we’ll talk about it when I get up :slight_smile:


Yo this is rly pog bc I need tail and reikoku looks soo fun so if you are popping ima totally join. Never actually tried xolotl but I think I can do it


spoiler: you probably can’t
try watching a couple videos and do outer rotation, best for people who don’t get it. Try mid rotation after that, fail and you can just chug hp pots and go outer rotation.


Survival of Xolotl is the hardest part for sure, but honestly once you learn it you’ll come to find that second boss is actually harder