The Samurai (JohnMH) Pre-Final


Yeah I don’t mean the post (the samurai class has been used before obviously but it’s obvious your idea is authentic), I was replying to @Loftly’s reply on how the 16x16 made by @Lessking looked familiar. I was just wondering what he meant by “familiar” what it was familiar to.


Looks similar to a sprite I made is all, no hate though :wink:


Good :angry: cracks knuckles calling out my home boi @Lessking would get me angry, and you wouldn’t like it if I’m angry (I have never seen or spoke to Lessking… sorry for calling you my home boi)


no, just no. gamebreaking class. too op with good mheal pet


good work on the idea though!


How is it gamebreaking? It may look suuuuuuuuuuuuper good just because of the fact they can take a good amount of hits, but the later you go, the far worse it gets. In more bullet hell areas, they will break considerably easily, even if you use the Tier 6 or even Titan’s.

In the beginning areas it may be very strong, but it quickly becomes much more strategic to properly use it. Unless you mean the Held Effect, in which I say:



im just thinking ability too op and it doesnt seem like samurai thing in my opinion. Have you ever heard about Seppuku? Id make something like “bleed to self” and something added to that.


opinions doesnt matter btw, keep doing what youre doing, you are good at it! :slight_smile:


I originally had this class as The Shogun, and the image that’s posted around here is my inspiration for making the ability and such. I also wasn’t focused so much on the lore behind the character and more of what it is that they had on them to begin with, which is why headpieces were used.

Also, having a “Seppuku” effect doesn’t really fit the idea of the Headpiece’s Held Effect so much since it’s all the way up on the head. The suggestion is neat, though, even if it would become useless with higher tier pets.

Thanks regardless. ;p


what if it gave pet stasis and bleed :slight_smile:


Then that would essentially make it not worth using. There’s not an in-between for this sorta stuff, quite honestly… it’s either too good or too bad when it comes to this kinda stuff. Unless using the Held Effect simply didn’t allow you to heal MP, it’s broken with a pet but needs a buff without.


What if you decided to go for the “too bad” for this one? All you’d have to do is wait another ~5 years and maybe submit another one that is “too good” :^D


not able to heal mp when held sounds good, but then it would need a “long” cooldown cus people could just stop using it to regain mp to hold it again


I’m not sure about that, constantly having to swap it out and back in would seem repetitive I feel like I’d most likely just not care about it. There is no way it should be pet stasis though, the mp is insane, disabling the pet entirely would be a crippling debuff.


I don’t know. Personally I wouldn’t mind it at all if I had to only wait a few seconds after holding down Spacebar for around 12-18 seconds, depending on the Headpiece.


Um, who are you?

We were in a mutual google Doc and I had posted this:

And he just used the head and shoulder frame is all. Yeesh keyboard warriors.


Nice! I wonder why you have the T7 headpiece though… Why is that? :confused:


Because one day, hopefully soon, they will finally make red bag abilities


I request that the Headpiece of Resilience becomes the Resilient Headpiece, good work over all, when i balanced out sam’s dps when i was working on this concept, trying to make it the antitheses of the ninja, it ended up having like 100+ max atk, it balanced out w/ the 40 max dex but. it still looks really high.

Good work in general. I can’t really feel the char sprite, it’s just not there for me, but I don’t know what’s throwing me off.



So You are dazed and You have damaging?!?
Why its just stupid