The Sea Slurp and the Scallawag Slurp


The Sea Slurp and the Scallawag Slurp

A story by DeeBomb

Once upon a time there was a sea slurp named Sara. She lived in the Ocean Trench, and occasionally peaked her head out when the Hermit God was giving heroes grief. She sometimes observed a handsome scallawag slurp named Ezra.

Unlike Sara, who was content to stay deep in the ocean, Ezra was an adventurous little fellow who dreamed of sailing along the high seas serving Jon Bilgewater, his idol. He always tried to act like a proper pirate, too.

One day when Sara was peeking up into the realm, she caught the eye of Ezra. Ezra was at once captivated by her beauty, and slurped on over to her to see what a fine slurp like her would want with a scallawag like him.

Shyly, she said, “Hello my fellow slurp, my name is Sara. What would your name be?”

“My name is Ezra, the pirate. I’m glad that you are mate enough to grace me with your prescience.”

Sara at once giggled and blushed, and they continued their conversation until Thessal called for Sara and Dreadstump requested Ezra.

As time went on the two slurps started seeing each other more and more, but Ezra had some exciting news for Sara. He had a chance to live out his dream on Jon Bilgewater’s ship as a crew member! He had been exuberant from the moment he heard that there was an opening on the prestigious ship. So he had promptly filled out an application and eagerly awaited the results.

When the results came in, he was delighted to find that he had been accepted! He could hardly sleep in his slimy bed that night from sheer thrill. He was bursting to tell everyone what had happened!

A few days later, he told Sara the exciting news. To his surprise, she didn’t seem happy about the news, but seemed a bit sad.

In a small voice she said, “I’m so proud of you, Ezra. It’s just too bad we won’t be able to see each other too much anymore…” she said as a tear dropped from her face.

“Oh, don’t feel down about it,” Ezra replied. “We’ll still be able to be together a lot, just there will be times when I’m away at the Deadwater Docks. The boat leaves today, and I would like you to see me off.”

Later that day, about sunset, Ezra was finding that it was a bit difficult to say goodbye to the love of his life. Jon Bilgewater’s voice rang out, “Are ya coming, kid?”

Ezra thought for a moment, and then looked defiant. “No. I’ve thought it over and I’m going to pursue my dreams on land, rather than sea.”

And that was it. Just two slurps sliding along the beach into the sunset.

This is going to be my submission for the short story contest :heart:️:purple_heart::orange_heart::black_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart:
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1/10 not gay enough
(point for making it slurp-related)




So what would a pirate slurps job be?


Cabin boy :joy:




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rip :cry: