The Seeker by JohnMH


Perhaps it is just me, but the abilities look much more like scythes than blades. Shouldn’t the ability be called scythe instead then?


the shading on the ability is kinda shit


Love this idea, sprites are epic Everything what should be is on this post expect a scripts xDDD. You should send this to Deca


Damage of Doom Bow after 10sec on 0DEF target (no armor): ~22000
Damage of Magical Poison Blade after 10sec charge on 0DEF target (no armor): ~2200

Not to mention that you are also paralyzed while charging your ability up, meaning you will almost surely die in most situations before you can get a fully charged attack in. Even if you could, you would be dealing a tenth of the damage that the class could do normally. While the idea of charging up an ability is a novel idea, it seems almost useless in this context.

Here is what should be changed:

  1. Change “Stunned to Self” to “Slowed to Self”. This would allow you to not die while charging up the ability. (Perhaps increase the class’ speed as well)

  2. Either removed “Stunned to Self” or make the damage gained per second charged increase exponentially for each second it is charged up, therefore allowing the ability to compete with the class’ normal damage. For example, multiplying the damage gained per second by 1.635 for each second it is charged up. This would deal an extra ~3600 damage over the Doom Bow as a reward for the risk.


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