The Senate is Recruiting! (Again)


Hello everyone, I have some news to share with everyone: my guild, The Senate, is currently recruiting! In anticipation of the upcoming IC/OOC update, we are looking for strong/veteran players who have a solid understanding of the game and are able to complete small-group endgame dungeons such as halls, fungals, and even O3. We pop a lot of keys and do guild halls sometimes. Most of our players are based in USE, USW, or US Central, so it would be preferable if you are within those timezones so you can be on whenever we do guild pops. Currently, we are 12th in the world and have 8 open slots! Applications can be found on our realmeye page or below.
General requirements:
-Speak English
-Have a decent amount of fame (Use our guild members as reference. If you have less fame than more than 80% of the guild, you probably shouldn’t have high hopes of being accepted)
-Have multiple characters that you are willing to bring to guild dungeons (A couple DPS and support classes)
Application process: Join discord (linked below) and submit an application form. You will be notified when your application has been processed and a decision has been made. IMPORTANT: you MUST be in the discord, otherwise you won’t know if you got accepted or rejected. It also demonstrates to us that you want to be active in our community. Or, if you don’t want to apply, feel free to join our discord anyways. c:

Guild Discord: