The Sinful is recruiting! [USW]


Welcome to the recruitment page for The Sinful! A guild based mostly around the enjoyment of its members, and the acquirement of loot! Here is what you need to know,
  1. If you are caught hacking/cheating in any way you will be permanently banned on first offense.

  2. We speak English. If you struggle or can’t speak English it is in your best interest not to join.

  3. We have a discord. We will send out pings whenever we pop or whenever we are just farming the realm! Important announcements such as events and changes to the guild will also be notified.

  4. We do pop keys! We are constantly popping keys here and there, and we always support those who pop for us with donations and rewards on discord.

  5. We also ask you be active in the guild. Anyone who goes inactive with no explanation for over a week will be warned, and if you don’t reply you will be kicked! We also have a Guild Time, which you are required to make at least one of every month, or be active in the discord.


  1. No hacking of any kind, nor talking about hacks in discord. THIS INCLUDES RWT! (We will have random hack checks so if you are hacking it is probably best if you stop.)

  2. Be active in the VC even if you don’t have a mic, you can’t always be there but don’t miss everything.

  3. No toxicity between members. You can have some friendly insults but don’t be a dick.

  4. No spamming discord channels.

  5. No soundboards, voice changers etc. during calls.

  6. Know how to do Shatters and Tombs.

  7. If you suspect someone of hacking or exploiting in the guild, please do not take the responsibility on yourself; privately report to Founders, leaders, or officers and we will investigate and take proper action.

  8. If someone is bullying you, please be the bigger person and try to ignore them. Mute them and tell an officer or above right away and we will handle it.

  9. It is required for you to make AT LEAST 1 Guild Time a month, unless you are busy/under excused absence. Failure to do so on top of you being inactive will earn you a boot. If you are active and miss a month, I won’t mind. (Also I mean activity in the discord calls)(edited)

  10. Playing anything through the discord music bot that is ear rape, insulting (in a non-joking way) or just annoying will get you muted and unable to use the music bot until farther notice.

  11. If you want to play other games besides realm, or you don’t want to play realm, please stay active in the discord, if you are not active on anything, or if you are off of realm for too long, you will be removed from the guild. (Also note that “playing new game” isn’t okay for #2-day-notice.)

  12. Crashing a guild dungeon multiple times or on purpose as a ‘joke’ is not okay, this will result in a warning and can lead to being removed from the guild.

  13. Spamming channels such as #2-day-notice, #callouts, #loot-and-deathz and #hack-check will result in a mute for 12 hours! Please do not spam these channels!


In The Sinful we have a unique ranking system that you must learn to follow! From least prestigious to most the ranks are as follows,

  • Friends: While not in the actual guild, friends are those who were once in the guild or are friends of a member! To become a friend someone in the guild who is at least an officer must approve of you and you must be active!

  • Initiate and member: The first rank you recieve! When you first join and verify you will be an Initiate, and once being in the guild for at least a week and being active, you will become a member!

  • Officer: Officers enforce the rules! They are here to make sure everyone has an enjoyable and fun experience. They will lead hack checks and can kick and ban players who break rules! However, if you kick a member for no reason, you will be demoted and muted for 24 hours, and possibly even banned!

  • Leaders: Leaders are some of the most trusted and loyal members of The Sinful! They enforce the rules to all members, even officers, and can do pretty much anything they’d like! If you are a leader and abuse the role for personal gain or otherwise, you will be demoted and muted for 48 hours, and it is likely you will be banned!

  • Admins: The top 2 in the guild! (besides the founders) The Admin is the one who helps the Founders run the guild. The Admin keeps the leaders in check and makes sure no one is breaking the rules. This is the highest rank you can achieve in The Sinful!


  1. BE ACTIVE! This includes in the discord!

  2. Have AT LEAST 1 8/8 or 2 6/8s, as well as 2k base fame! This requirement will change as we grow.

  3. Have discord, and please be active in the call! If you are shy around people, do not have a mic, or just don’t like talking this is not the guild for you!

  4. Know how to do Tombs and Shatters cleanly.

  5. Don’t become hostile or quit the game if you die, it happens, get over it.

How to join

To join The Sinful, please visit this link and fill out the application! We will respond to you asap!

We will reply to your application within 24 hours if you were accepted!

sic parvis magna

Looking for US(or EU)Guild(Currently Not Looking)
LF guild ;o

3 months and now we have a proper application, good job grim :+1:


thx bruv!






This is our new page, please disregard the others which are closed :slight_smile:




Just out of interest, what’s Guild Time?
Also, have a free bump and a cookie :cookie:


Essentialy, guild times are weekly scheduled times where we as a guild come together and play games at the same time. Mostly realm, but if people have other games we occasionally will play those too. You are required to be in the VC (though you don’t need to speak) during guild times, and you are required to make 1 hour of guild time a week unless you clear it with officers beforehand.




hi meaning to apply but first i need to get back to were i was my 8/8 died and ive been grinding out pots to get 2 6/8’s just a suggestion for the form maybe you could add an optional question at the end for extra information that applicants might want to tell you if that may influence your acceptance thanks for your consideration.


I already have a question at the end of the application for comments questions and concerns, this is where you give any extra information.


oh sorry i might have accidentally skipped over that