The Sky Sanctuary, an Endgame Dungeon by Sturky


Wait. I had an idea where a stone dragon comes to life (similar animation too!) long before this dungeon idea and reworked LOD were released…



I think your feed powers are extremely high considering that there is no droppable ut item over 1500 (and 1500 is literally only Omni) and most really good whites are like 1000-1300. Not only do the whites all have insanely high feed powers but even the consumable item which lasts for 30 seconds has 1750 fp. If you want it to just be a fp drop that’s fine, but don’t expect people to actually use it for the 30 seconds of overclock.


introducing the coral bow


The reason in which the feedpower for all of the items is so high is because I have a few problems with the feed power system as a whole, which can be viewed in more detail here.

I ultimately decided to go for a middle ground between the current system, and what I discussed there for the document. Resulting in overall higher feedpower. I personally don’t think that the feedpowers of any of the items are too high at all. But that’s just me and my viewpoint.


this looks really cool !


Dragon Tooth Necklass 100% outclasses Potato


Now with the proposed vit mod I would say the -25 vit is rough.


It’s a bit late, but I’ve undone the Solar Regalia’s stat nerf, due to the announcement of the In / Out of Combat system. I understand that that system is very theoretical, and far from release, but you should still treat the Solar Regalia as if this system does exist. Otherwise we can all agree that the thing’s pretty nuts.

If it’s productive towards the thread, you can’t complain about me bumping my own thread.


Some kurva is cutting onions right next to me, the nerve of some people

:policeman: ill allow it

this dungeon right here, gives me hope when i open my slavic eyes in the cold mornings


Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! I’m here to bring you another Sky Sanctuary update!


With the newly revamped Tinkerer, I’ve added marks, quests, and chests for both Solannos and Draconis. They function pretty much as you’d expect them to. Draconis’s chest however exclusively drops his stuff. If you want the items from the rest of the Lair of Draconis, just get some Mighty Chests instead.


That chest sprite on the bottom is absolutely amazing and I love it


To me, the sun god mark looks like a dorky smily face x3


Oh my god now I can’t unsee it


Really well made ideas here, I’m really impressed.

It’s really refreshing to see some awesome unique ideas, and as fleshed out as this. Won’t be able to critique it as much as I did with CC, but I really enjoyed this concept and how well it fits into the game.

Keep making great stuff : )


144 pages what the frik*


Don’t mind me, just bumping my own thread for the sake of it.

While I’m here, though. I should mention that I do update Sky Sanctuary periodically, even if they’re just minor things, like adding info about Weak, or fixing grammar mistakes. So feel free to pop in every now and again to see if I’ve done anything.


is it true that this has been remade into the “ancient ruins,” and has much less content and different themes?


After searching, I don’t believe it has any relevance to the Sky sanctuary. The revealed items are not to the level that you would expect from an endgame dungeon, and the only sprite that resembles a sky sanc item is the draconis stone in the spritesheets, likely as a placeholder.


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