The Social Button needs to be seriously reworked


Omg wait, great idea, just make it a fucking TAB O: Dude, you’re a genius, and im fucking baked.


I’m not complaining about the death, it’s not like I’m screaming for the devs to revive my character. I’m saying that if a fundamental feature is going to be overlapped by another feature, then it isn’t good. If someone’s playstyle is more focused on clicking on the nexus button, why should they be punished because a badly placed button with a strange hitbox is in the way? If deaths are already being caused because the social button was in the way for some people, then something needs to be done.

As for those telling me to be more used to using a nexus hotkey, thanks, that’s much better than this guy’s reply. I’ll note it and try and configure my hotkeys to a more desirable layout.

And see? That’s a great idea Orsome! Moving the social button there would be better, because it isn’t exactly next to any crucial feature, especially during battle time.


Sorry to hear about this, man. We had a couple of decent runs with our wizards together.

Press F to pay respects.

Genuinely speaking though, I absolutely do concur with the point you’ve made—in fact, it’s not the first time that I have come to make the same mistake. It can be indubitably irking when clearly one tries to nexus through their acclimated method and yet, fails to.

Having said that, DECA should implement ways to alternatively move the social or nexus button, respectively. @Orsome has a great suggestion: adding the social indicator next to the mentioned tabs can not only allow for a better composition of both buttons but also enable the quick access of it through the hotkey “b”.


Its a good place for it just dont be retarded and click it in a dungeon?




The oddity here is that I recently found out how large this hitbox is indeed as well.
Am I living in a simulation?

To more precisely show how abnormally large the hitbox is:
So the hitbox is something along these lines:
Which is way bigger than the approximate Nexus button hitbox. Quite ridiculous.


Clicking on the nexus icon instead of using the hotkey is suicide no matter how well-made the hitbox is.You’re wasting way too much time and opening yourself up to errors for no good reason.


not if ur playing on puffin


I use a hotkey and this really doesn’t fatally effect my characters but I agree that it shuold be moved. I mean, why does it have to be right there? It could go anywhere.


But playing on puffin is suicide too.


i mean they could move the button to the left of the name also . Closer than right of th pet and less likely to press the pet button.


This happens to me occasionally to for the odd time I want to nexus via clicking (usually doing vaulting or something) or access options. Neutralman was also a player that clicked to nexus. Also don’t mind exxxxdee he’s a discord RL guy who threw a tantrum during the nest event (because people were chaining nests without him after he nexused), started banning people and causing drama.

As for tips, next time the social window opens and you lose control, immediately click outside the window and you should have control again as orsome already said. I do this also when loading into a new area since sometimes you’ll load in and have to click in the game before you can move.


Probably half of these replies are asking why you didn’t just use your hotkey first
But why didn’t you just use your hotkey first


That’s classic entitlement right there haha, omg.


also he drags in lh, but for some reason is still in the discord :man_shrugging:

but does ctrl + W work for flash? alt +f4 could also work.


Just tried, it does not appear to work. But this does: The Oh Shiet Button (for freezes and when you click off the page)


Not necessarily- check the WB thread, some dude did LH on puffin


what the heck is puffin? all i know its a penguin and a song artist

offtopic: heres the artist, although this is a remix of his song


Browser app for phone that you can play (and I say that loosely) rotmg on.


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