The Summoning Friday update - Realm of the Mad God Exalt



We can make it to 6th tier!
we better make it to 6th tier I need that vault chest…


DO IT. im sad spider mace didn’t win cuz i hate farming cdepths, but who cares. its free loot that i didn’t have to do ANYTHING for (for real i havent played at all during this event its literally just boring realmclear.)


If it makes everyone feel better, the losing mace and its BP will still be acquirable through the summoner campaign :>


yes, but the campain is gonna require effort.


I think can contribute 2 oryx marks and call it an event for yourself, though? One for choosing a side, and another to offer up a single point and reap the rewards, if you’re busy. It doesn’t seem like that much effort is required.


Does it require you to contribute to a side? I’ve only done one oryx mark so far.


Uh… I’m not sure how you specifically turned it in, but at the start, you choose your recycled LoD event fragments, whether blue (for team Prisoner) or yellow (for team spider), and I went with Blue. It sent those blue fragments to my gift chests (and I already had 7 Oryx marks floating around in my vault and on my characters for… reasons -w-), so I used those extra marks for the next step of actual contributions.

Then, you have to take those said fragments out of your gift chests with another Oryx mark, go back to the Tinkerer, and select your team’s specific quest. You turn in your Oryx mark and fragments, which rewards you with an Oryx fragment, a random stat pot, and the exact same amount of your color fragments as before. And I’m this self-sustaining system, you continuously turn in Oryx marks with your (temporary) infinite supply of fragments

Sorry if I beat that horse to death.


I only chose the fragments, haven’t turned them in with oryx mark yet. Hoping I don’t miss out on free pack because of it


The event ends tomorrow, so you (might?) have time, depending on your irl circumstances.


wait i do need to turn in another one and contribute the shards? CRAP i wont have time


I hope that counts! D:


So do I… do you know when it ends tomorrow? I’m assuming 12pm utc… which means I can’t get it unless it does count. Wish that it went until the end of the day then. Also wish that deca would be more clear on this, because now I have probably missed 3 st chests :pensive:


I believe the large reward and blueprint will be a free pack given to the community at large, while the allegiance determines whether or not you get a pet skin (and which one). For more info, click here.




Hopefully! :D