The un-fairness of Deca in my opinion


hi guys, I just wanted to discuss about realm getting ported to unity. Ive been playing on internet explorer my whole rotmg life and so I emailed DECA how I could transfer my account but they said no for security reasons. I’m fully aware of the hackers but what about those people (like myself) who’ve been playing for 3 years and have a lot of UT’s and a good pet? I find this unfair as rotmg is my favorite game and I cant even play on it anymore. Please, if you could agree with this and help fight for those innocent browser people. Please.


… it hasnt been ported yet…?


It seems kind of odd for them to simply be unable to port anyone from browser to Unity.
Heck, you can go from browser to Flash with ease (since both are just using your email), I doubt Unity’s going to need a seperate account.
If it will…release the horde.


Half the players would quit if you actually have to make a new acct


have you not pre ordered it?


Would realm being ported to unity prevent you from signing in with your email?


This post encapsulates the idea of poor word choice.


Unless it was an automated message, it only shows how incompetent the support is.


Old school runescape seemed to work, so you never really can tell. Probably shouldn’t give them ideas though.


80-90% of players play on browser or Flash projector, Deca would definitely not wipe the accounts of 90% of their player base.

As Mynamerr said, either auto response or incompetent support. Or, even better us you give us screenshots of the email conversation so we can judge for ourselves.


You can’t play a unity game on browser?


Unity Web player is no longer supported


Why on earth would they do that? Most players play on browser or flash projector… doing so would prob lead to many people quitting. People like me who just like the simplicity of playing on browser without all the fancy what nots…and also “downloads” …


ikr I’m so hyped to get it on xbox


It does not make logical sense for DECA to delete the data of everyone whose spent hundreds of dollars in game. This is not SAO people; the game continues on.

This is most likely due to an automated reply.


You can’t transfer your account to Unity because the Unity port doesn’t exist yet. The Unity port should allow you to login with your regular account details when it comes out.


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yeah, I wonder how Deca is going to handle legacy support. I’m quite sure that some people just simply can’t play using unity. Will we still be able to play using the flash engine with limited features?


I mean if they don’t let people continue playing flash there will be riots

But if they let them continue that doesn’t solve anything about hacking


Jeeze, imagine being in Deca’s shoes. If I were in their position, the best I could come up with is a couple of dedicated unity servers, a migration bonus, and one contract that ties a unity character to only be accessible through unity, but still able to access flash servers… If they can cross platform?

If not, then a migration bonus to Unity, and let the 2 realms be segregated. Yeah you have to support 2 versions, but that’s just how the dice rolls. Perhaps a 3 month transitionary period, where you get notified of the migration to unity?