The Wedding of Nolaq and Trevvorrush


Back in October, 2018, the guild of King Solomon hosted a wedding for the real life couple Nolaq and Trevvorrush. Attached is their wedding video.

Be sure to turn your speakers on before watching, and enjoy the show

Edit: experiencing difficulties with the video being embedded on realmeye. If anyone with more experience on the forums can fix it, that’ll be great.

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It seems there’s an extra ‘!’ mark in front of the hyperlink. Try removing that.


Ok nice, but why would you get married in a parasite with all the smell of rotting flesh when there’s the mountain temple that is the perfect location and even has gardens?
I’d get a realm fiancé just to get married in a MT.


I tried that, but when attempting to play the embedded video, it read ‘video unavailable’


Its most likely because the video is unlisted


Slightly homo ngl

But hot


The couple comprises of a man and a woman. How is that homo?

That is possible, but it seems to be happening with listed videos from youtube as well.

Edit: Meant to say listed videos, not unlisted videos. Can’t believe its taken this long to notice.


That is a guild hall not a parasite chamber. During Halloween the guild halls looked like a parasite chamber.


Thanks, I’m not familiar with the social aspects of the game.


Gonna see if this works, probably not

Ill try to see if i can get it to work when i get home

guess unlisted videos cant be embeded :frowning:


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