The White Bag Thread v2


ill take anything of the decracts from you cause i have none…


From 1 day.
Esben Staff is best staff <3


ok oryx
i dont need 2
this one is fp



then it died in 5 min



It might not be a white bag, but I was pretty stoked about this anyway


event white counter: oreo, 1, csword:4(if you think this actually counts considering how common it is) everything else:0


Look at the time in bottom right and look at the time this was posted :^)
O r e y o


edit: oops it died


These skulls man, at least they’re worth feed-ish



Took 15 minutes to find that beach bum


How do you get that to work? When I do it, the analog stick doesn’t work so I have to set the buttons as “W, A, S, D” Obviously I haven’t tried playing that way because that would be a complete shit show.


have you tried connecting a bluetooth keyboard and then doing it that way?


IDK about you, but these seeing this sword is starting to make me sick. I left it there so it could think about what it did wrong.


big F in chat

but to be fair Csword is better then cwand now imo


I don’t have a bt keyboard :confused:


What phone are you using?
I may be able to help you out…


I won’t try to argue that, but I haven’t had a CWand since the update for it forever ago and wanted to run it for a bit. Plus I’m going for a white bag mark off list again so I need that instead of 83.000 cswords lol


Oh I see, big OOF