The White Bag Thread v2



Nice waki, I have yet to find one



NEw cloak whoooo dis


told myself im going to start farming for ass, get this 5 minutes later


what is my luck lmao


like 15 encores in. Had a glitch with loading this in…

Was just opening some epic chests when bam.

was in a davy chain, got tricked into a mwoods, but got a white so eh.

like legit 3rd davy of the event

completely unexpected, wasn’t even grinding for it

fun fact, the ghostly prism, the spirit staff, and the sphynix all happened in 2 days.


wtf is going on





got this on my first decaract ever (this happened a while ago (the 31st))

Only got 1 shatts white during event…still no bracer

Got the mg cloak today (my guildie was pissed) (and no I wasn’t leeching I killed 2 towers)



Doing chest events near the end = loot



Hauls so far


Nice rogue you got there




My current STs and whites this MOTMG.





ppe btw lel xd


Got a new computer so now it’s easier to take screenshots. Got a toga before I figured out how to take screenshots.


Nice flex.