The White Bag Thread v2


yeah, i taste quite good



Why don’tchu play on exalt?


Will you be using that over dbow?




Why do you love dbow so much?


You got a problem?

Why aren’t you asking why @PhantomMod loves tshot so much?


Heyy…they’re both good bows ok! qwq

Dbow has always been a very solid choice when it comes to boss fights, because it simply doesn’t care about how high the boss’s defense is, it just hits like a truck every time. You might have seen me using a Tshot for the nest, but that was because I thought the bees had low defense, when in actuallity the boss has 50 defense, making the dbow a much better (and faster) option to defeat the boss

Tshot is extremely underrated. It’s genuinely a good bow, and I personally think it rivals that of the Cbow. Sure it’s lower damage, but its much further range, if you wanted dmg you’d be using the dbow. You use the Tshot not just for clearing hordes of small enemies like the Cbow, but also for sniping out enemies from afar without needing to worry about true range. It is a safe and reliable bow that does its job pretty well.

But at the end of the day, my view is biased considering my huntress only has those 2 bows to choose from as she has the alien set. So yea, take my view with a grain of salt uwu





lute plz


No luck

no lute luck

Not lute
(got prot but copied something else before paste)
i needed this


now 5 of my 9 characters have half of one of their st sets, with three more having one piece of one or more of their sets. Not to mention that I have half a samurai set sitting in my vault. Its time to start hunting down the rest of those sts.


The final cult white.





mbc_colo void_double same lh, quite pog tbh


Didn’t get to snap that pic with the White Bag, but hey, I got it at least. A nice Divine pet food LOL.


Double white from Nut