The White Bag Thread v2


There are better ways


First double epic chest white ever :smiley: what u slut


forgot about this


This was the only Ice Tomb i’ve ever done.


aaaaaaaaa bracer and pyra breee




is that a multiboxer in first image? not sure xD


this isn’t even ur character tho… where do u get this stuff m8


lmao whut


If you’re on PC you can hover over someones profile pic and click the thing that says “show posts in topic”.
It’ll ignore all other posts in the topic (except by that person)

Edit: click on it 1 time. not hover. I’m bad.


Why would you waste your time on something like this :laughing:


More feed power. Woo.


I know, I checked yesterday to confirm if that was even his pet xD


Needless to say, my guild is NOT happy with me, especially after getting the Memento Mori xD



wdym? We are happy. :grin:

We are planning to skinning you alive but we are currently discussing which body part will we take for ourselves. Ofc you don’t know.


I’ll join; he stole my golem garments. That, and one of my guild mates wants his head on a silver platter.





Also nice pet.


You know that it’s a different account that is saying “call sew,” right? He is saying “ring” in that image.