The White Bag Thread v2





give me one of those helmets grrrr


Yeah i mean ofc first bag opened :smiley:


what the…



(mad screeching)
I thought to myself, "how funny would it be if I got murky from the first sew i ran on the assassin?
I saw the white bag
I got excited
I got disappointment.


Thank you kanye!




Since my Paladin unfortunately died, I started a Rogue one recently.

It has yet to disappoint.


When a dude on a phone can complete the Nest without dcing, but a guy on a pc, on Kongregate, dcs 10 seconds after spawning in, and sitting in spawn, it really shows how crappy Kong’s platform is.


To be fair, I have DCed at times. But that’s on the server, not my phone.


When you hotspot someone, do they like launch a rocket or something?


can a man get a bee helm please


not from that dungeon


that ring


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I’m pretty sure this data taken in a vacuum wouldn’t be sufficient to prove that Kong sucks.

However, I completely sympathize- Kong sucks. A lot.