The White Bag Thread v2


I was just leveling xD


what the…


With loot drop?


Yeah, just in case :eyes:


I was there im the large blue bee cloth dood on top of the realm portal xD


Look guys, more loot!

i really do cry sometimes


@Wilhuff finally got ghostly prism :smile:


My congratulations.


*kills self


it’d be nice to do the chest events if all my characters didn’t die. Feelsbadman :monkaS:


@Drunkdevil also got one at the same Sentry.


Nice!! Have fun with it. Don’t lose it to early :stuck_out_tongue:


God just left me in this event. (It was stinger, thought it was on pic)




Me, someone who hasn’t had a serious maxed Rogue since 2016: *weeping*


Ya know, I would give you my Rogue but seeing as I can’t…



Got a couple of very awesome stuff this time round~ :smiley:
Let’s get the most common out of the way

First Toga Picta! Just the ring left and the set is complete :>

Not a white bag, but I found and killed my first ever beach bum after…god knows how long of playing this game? xP

And the best one of the lot, my first EVER CDIRK! ^w^ Very very proud of this rare find


Damn, that’s tuff…
(pls don’t hate me I’ve done 200+ LH and in total these 2 + void bow are my only whites)
regardless, I understand the chance of this is like less than having a solar eclipse while the planets are aligned and the temperature is uniform throughout the entire world.

Oh yeah, and I wasn’t even using loot boost :^)