The White Bag Thread v2


@AnakinSolo My apologies for having to make you relive this…traumatic event, Lord Vader.


Whoever said that double whites can only be acquired by Samurais have been proven wrong.


Holy. Freaking. Shit.
I am actually at a loss for words I just
Oh my god
After so many Snake Pits
I went into it thinking it was a UDL because I killed a Ghost God and was Blind
And decided to finish it just for a shot at it again


How about the one I got with paladin? D;


sensor.exe has stopped working.
Please contact Microsoft for a solution to the problem.


I’m not impressed, given I’ve obtained 3 bulwarks from Stheno.

But nevertheless, congrats!


JohnMH playing rotmg on mobile is like people playing fortnite on mobile. (Impressive)


I’ll never play fortnite
but I already have so feelsbadman


:smile: :gun:




staff op on wand class


eyy same


Eyy I never got Bulwark



FINALLY I had to wait 5 cults before they finally did a void, first void and mbc white.


this white was powered by my lucky dirk and a trash inventory




My Samurai set is complete.


Hey remember when you said you would embed your screenshots


Well, that’s not working right now, so this will do for now.