The White Bag Thread v2


Gimmie your pots then you lucky boi!


12L 9M 2Def 3Atk
but i might of drank most of the pots lol


Jesus christ 2 breastplates and now this



Y’all be getting 10 whites during this event and this is my first.

I wanna hurt you guys


Two planewalkers in two days, pet food I guess. Also got the cloak in the skuld set but forgot to screenshot (idk if ST counts for this thread)


Yeah they pretty much do.


I got 0 this past event :frowning:


I got lucky right before. I bear u GL if it hasnt ended.


It just did!


False. I only got nine…factors in the wand from Temple Oh wait, nevermind.

Total white count from this event:
2 Sullen Blades (Both from Feargus)
2 Midnight Stars (1 from Wyvern, 1 chest)
2 Water Robes (1 Nikao, 1 chest)
1 leaf (Limoz)
2 Fire Armors (Pyrr)
1 Wand of the Fallen (Daichi)
1 Nikao Pet skin
1 Zarvoxx’s Heart (Chest)
2 Ryu’s Blades (chest)


I’m pretty happy.

Also this isn’t loot, but…


it begins


Had good drops in this event, Zaarvox Heart completed the warrior ST set at last, other loot wasn’t any new items for me but most of the loot is still good & useable. The samurai ST katana eludes me still:


A fellow candy snail enthusiast claps from afar



that wallpaper is questionable. JOJO


  1. hec u for getin the lut i wanted
  2. y u leav me guild meeni


Don’t use that for a main pet please.


I will be once it’s 90/90/90.

my current pet is 90/90 mheal heal and the 3rd ability is savage


So much feeding. And fame. my eyes