The White Bag Thread v2



fuck dude this doesnt feel right

the thread not the white



The game is weird!


HOLY MACARONI DUDESKIS I forgot to screenshot but I just did my 3rd void and got the quiver. Thats whites on 2/3 of my successful void runs


reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee f u ;-;


I have some delayed Wlab event pictures. I was camping (ugh) so I didn’t have time to dump them.
Monarch but no ss of bag.
@Glawi Finally got that prism :))
Total Wlab event loot:
A few misc tops
some life pots
enough vit/att to max my characters
7 Leaf bows
2 Princess Warrior skins
2 Giant Monarch pet stones

Oh, I got some loot on my alt too:

edit: If you stalk me and notice that my rogue is unmaxed, and attempt to call me out on my characters not being maxed vit.att, it’s because I got insta popped on my hunt by an Admril :frowning: Didn’t know they could move so fast and I still don’t know how I didn’t notice it, but I got 5 stars now so it’s fine (also give me another ctrap).


Also, I’m realizing yet again that reading the chat in people’s ss’s is pretty entertaining.


If I can’t get it from an ice cave, I’d better get it here…


I got it from Ice Cave (got no ss)


LOL I can’t believe it hit 10k reply reqs xd


It would be interesting if v2 closes 2 years later

(because it took about 2 years to close the 1st one if u didn’t know)


normal chest btw




rip the old whitebag thread


Well I got both of the whites now




Third times the charm fr I guess


i havent posted in a while now heres my most recent one

got guerrilla archer btw


and another one