The White Bag Thread v2




I’ve also gotten 2 Stingers and 2 Circlets, but I haven’t posted those yet. I will soon.


wow I really wish I had grinded the nest event this weekend, unfortunately I had to study for AP tests


Other Circlet isn’t on my phone…


These 3 MBC whites were all in one day, lucky day ^u^


The day after, 2 more LH whites!

Guildies are not happy x.x

edit: A random stinger


how many didja run


enough to make me upset because i never get halls whites >:c


me neither bro
1 mseal kmn


nil and bloodshed.


Literally me, and my comp sucks too


Lol in my 30 lost halls I have only gotten their 13 not even a tier 14


1 sword 6 seals 4(5? idk I lost count of these) armors 1 potato

3 bow 5 quiver 1 nil 2 source 2 omni

1 staff
1 skull
1 robe
1 ring


First Cbow in awhile.


Would not normally post a Lab white, but I’ve been after a Fulmi for so long – since before this char has been alive – so that is very appreciated. Also double white, though probably the most common pairing possible.


Got one yesterday from st chest now another. :slight_smile:


Most common is probably EP and Plane, since Lab whites are usually less common.


They arent run as much so they seem rarer.


I got a ton of ctrap + chow double whites back in the day although I think deca nerfed ctrap drop rates at some point?


R u sure I have gotten tons of more lab whites and I constantly sprite world