The White Bag Thread v2




I got the tome (my second) + orb yesterday. Only missing the dagger of the Library whites. So today I get two of them, from consecutive Libraries.


Not as bad as when I got a honey circlet




I actually enjoy playing with the limitation of free-to-play. Its a nice progression. I think being forced to get pots with your only character made me learn the game really quick. Also, maxing characters to 6/8 is currently the most enjoyable for me. Until I achieve white star and a legendary pet I probably wont spent money.

Its just that this item is considered so rare that using and loosing it feels really bad. I usually reserve some space in my vault for equipment for the next class im going to play.

Ive just never expected to get one of these




My Assassin is too powerful.


Where the Omni??


that with an omni is the dream assassin setup wtf

Edit: Nvm, where’s the source?


i have yet to get like 10 of the items from halls, and neither of the 2 i’ve gotten were source or omni


I think mine is stronger







Nice milk :wink:


This will probably be my only post in this thread


Just when you thought your eyes had adjusted from the orange Nest spam a couple of weeks ago, realised I didn’t post mine:

Aimed to get the Stinger as I hadn’t had one before, hence starting with lootpots on. I used to enjoy Bone Dagger a lot, so these Stingers should get some use. Not so sure the helm will get use, but nice to cross another one off the wb list.

And from Easter, got a helm, never had that before either, and 2x skins as drops, so a pity the one from the eggs quest was the same skin:

And some Machines, sword&STarmour, wand, dagger: