The White Bag Thread v2


It may not be the orb (as a fellow mystic enthusiast, I understand the pain), but it’s pretty darn good when combined with a prot priest.


I know, I already had a OP priest with one, and it is a good item to have, but the thing is that I already had one




I got the Dragon Tamer warrior skin, which i already had. :confused:


Wasn’t planning on going past tier one of the campain so I’m glad I got something.
It will probably go well with my cloak of bloody suprises.




It’s so fitting… you are the queen of the bees, after all.


Geb ring in tomb. Pet food time!



the geb ring was on the chest too
pretend you care or it becomes sad
also no loot drop btw lel xdd






I love getting a repeat st skin after waiting half a year for a mystery st skin.


loot drop+solo = OP YEET


Doesnt even show what it is…


necronomicon ofc, do you think im lucky enough to get scholars seal 2 times? Also i was busy getting shanked by a mob so i couldnt take a good pic


U still more lucky thaan me cause ive never gotten a sseal.




First nile ever, lol


1 to go.