The White Bag Thread v2


Wait I thought LH tops dont drop from tinkerer chests?


Have you lived under the influence of just Event Chests for the last week or what, lol


I might be blind, but it doesn’t say LH tops anywhere on the void chest drop table. Only WC tops.


Probably included under “Void UTs”.
Plus, it’d bee a huge disappointment not to have 'em in there, right?
It’s like UB rings not being in a Royal Quest Chest.


they do

ofc it had be a bow


i mean skull


speaking of robe


thats very rare and now i have 2 uwu
EDIT:looks like i dont have my first one anymore :stuck_out_tongue:




3k%20years am aware its garbo but ive wanted it ever since it came out


I mean it no longer gives you a 10 def penality


Gosh dangit. so many sprites for this…
And more…



yummy yummy


On a PPE. Woot!

Pretty lame, but I’m still proud nonetheless.


excuse me wwhat the frick


I just… wished for something else before this.


Begginer chest OP OP gave me the best item possible



False. Honey scepter Is the most op item.


Second ever crown, right after losing my old one