The White Bag Thread v2




probably the fact that it didn’t have a token or any of the new eyesore items in the game.


lol did u see the dude on reddit who got all three shatts rings from event chest


send link




Their chat looked like before star frames were a thing so I checked their post history and it was their most liked post from back in 2018 cx


ooh also got my second event white - cwand yesterday but couldn’t get screenshot because there were 50 gods around it


I dont think anything can top this.


Yeah, but that’s DECA’s fault. The guy who got all shatts ring is actually lucky. All of the people in that tomb got the same thing, literally everything possible from it in one tomb.


but deca was fooling around ?


It’s actually a glitch that happened to whoever was in the dungeon when the game/server updates but somehow doesn’t get kicked.

That’s what I’ve heard, and I don’t know the details, but up to my understanding the server side update(Not a major one) will cause the droprates to get glitched and make it drop every single possible drop from an entity, pretty sure this happened in shatters and void as well, but I do not have any evidence.

There’s a high chance that I’m wrong or missing out on details, so please feel free to point them out and correct them.


that was disappointing


it’s about fucking time


5 weeks between life fusion quests


my haul from ~250 shatts




I called it 8)
afaik it’s quite underwhelming, but it’s cool to have, nonetheless!


imminent assassin with pogmur


Took it long enough to drop.

Sad not reskin.


OK, only a cyan but by far the best I can remember getting. Especially as I at that point had seven heavy armours, no light armours and 1 robe from drops and 2 tinkerer chests.

Jugg. Picked up already but in other inventory tab


OMG aaaaaaaaaaaaahsgdfhagsfda!!

ppe btw lel uwu