The White Bag Thread v2





where are people doing hudls?


Mine have all been from Keyper, though I haven’t exactly been farming them.


are there discords doing them?


rip not vile


I posted an ornament I got from a HUDL white bag. Forgot to post the other white I got after it:



Thats nice



I recently came back to the game. This is my bounty so far:

I spent almost 40 min in Cland and no sword, almost no pots and TONS of rings… everyone bailed early, with some help I think getting the set is doable.




i cri


I wish it was tome but no complaints otherwise.


I still can’t believe that’s a drop.


I mean, each of the Epic Chests has a chance of dropping their respective dungeon’s key (except for the Crystallized one, which drops a Fungal key, if I’m not mistaken)


Actually, each of the “epic” chets drops their respective keys in addition to the legendary key, except for void and cult.


I’m jealous
not surprising with that hp :eyes:


first time kill reskin janus lv 13 with t0 dagger


what the hell is that mark? did janus get a rework along with all the other bosses in the game?