The White Bag Thread v2


Orb is sexy af


Just got ghostly prism, and just before i got the wizard skin from leprechaun in the very same chain.


no u


Finally something other than a sourcestone / quiver!






First MT during the event
Second mt troom opened while lep was alive, got my damage in and started attacking lep

And now I have a completely dropped samurai st set! (already had the ring from that event that you could pick one part of either the warrior or the samurai set)




Two white bags from one MgM


No screenie, but got another Horrific Claws from a random Lab.

And one of these. Lots of mediocre ST rings flying about…





Oh look a white bag


Loot from 1 cry (and ddocks). Was lagging so didn’t get the bag shots.


Would’ve wanted st bow.


Decided to take a page from @Seelpit’s book and tackled a cult from sentry.


My forth White Bag overall:

BTW, I fed my Ghosty Trix (Spirit Dagger, Spectral Armor and Davy Jone’s Ring) Set to my Rare pet, not worth for me to use.



(make fun of Wilhuff here)