The White Bag Thread v2


Double white from 3rd boss.


I literally teleported in, did dmg for about three seconds and though, “watch as now that I deal next to no dmg I actually get something.” This actually surprised me and I actually let out a gasp. Wasn’t expecting anything, not to mention a white.


Welcome to the tablet gang




F for you


Managed to got Ceremonial Merlot. Somehow everyone left during Oryx’s Castle phase and leaving just me and a dude duoing Oryx.



So, I haven’t been posting much here, but I’ve been doing some PPEs recently. One of them was an Assassin that I’m super happy with - but died in a Crystal Cavern - and the other is my Ninja, which is currently alive. I got a Star of Enlightenment early, and now this is where I’m at.


I’ll keep posted about other whites from now on. I think this is gonna be a really good one.





wtf how


Wasn’t expecting this.


Or this. I literally got the “Character is dead” message. Fun.


Probably since there isnt a quest for Entropy, I assume you drag the Locked Reactor and the Loaded Core onto each other to form Entropy and it drops on the ground in a bag. Similar to the red and blue valentine rings.


First one!!! Yay



Yay, magic pokey thing! The damage numbers are wierdly large on the Unity client. Not sure about that one.


Oh god, those graphics.


Call me crazy, but they’re actually growing on me. Still have to get used to FoW, but it’s a cool new experience.


I just popped a 1 hour clover. On my other character.