The White Bag Thread v3


Continuing the legacy started by Doc in the original White Bag thread, it is time to start fresh yet again.

v2 had a good run, just shy of two years, but it finally hit the 10,000 reply limit today, 19 July 2020.

“Post pictures of white bag stuff that makes you happy!” - Doc

[Continued from version 2, here: The White Bag Thread v2 ]
[Continued continued from version 1, here: The White Bag Thread ]

The General Chat Thread

i knew someone would’ve had a copy paste ready


I cannot believe so many people have used these threads :open_mouth:


rip in peace twitchystr

didn’t even put v3 in the title what a nub




now, there are some traditions in place:




Didn’t even put this in #community-hub what a nub.


so i post a picture of a white bag and everyone bow upon me right is it how it works ?





You already posted it, so you are legally bound to leave that super low-res one in your post.


No post a picture of a white bag and get 140 likes like Spencer.


I quess I need to post my newly gotten Ogmur.


Ok then


@moderators pin







time to give 10k <3’s for the third time c:


Not if i give them before you.