The White Bag Thread v3


Bleh, I guess I’ll take it .3.

Used to fooooorge…

One of these, because I have not been consistently running Snake Pits enough to actually get it =w="

I don’t actually know how few or many of these I have .-.


The answer is now “many” .


you forged arguably best dagger in game for snake pit white😑



we don’t talk about my set


I could either keep my vault filled with multiple items I don’t need, or reduce that to a single item I at least want.
Value is a subjective concept.


Yeah :joy: I just think corruption cutter is a super fun item


Ep is broken on Golden effigy


Also double white


i already have this pet skin, but i didn’t take a screenshot the first time

cropped, because file size, 3/4 st set



Only if I can give this to Sakura…

Finally, a white from Pit TRoom
4 Stheno/1 TRoom/0 Chest /0 Forge

Took me 100+ UDLs…
1 Septavius/1 TRoom /0 Chest/0 MBoxes