The White Bag Thread v3


I would trade my Fungal Tome for that BPlate.


I wouldn’t trade my fungal tome for a bplate


I’m tempted to craft one right now.


pretty ebic, but where would breastplate be used?


also why am I still orange star on the realmeye forum lol?


Try signing out of your Realmeye account and back in. A couple of you have expressed surprise about that lately


To make interesting sets like triforcej😉


Testing… Also cool I guess


Pog yellow star now ty Bookworm


Echoes prism! Got a dominion same run! Funny story, saw white bag and then realized i was blinking at 30hp, totally blinded by the fact I got a white bag. Luckily I survived haha. I love doing fungal caverns because there is a good chance you will get something cool.


First Cult white, and could not have asked for anything better for my Sorc. Was a solo effort from the Cult dungeon entrance, only my second such.



Comebacks after I got Divine pet via harakiri and feeding.

Got this after the partial account reset.

Heard Wilhuff that it took him 600 Pits (with loot boosters) just for this. Me though, 100 or so.

Phat TY to @Rumabe for popping that Tomb on USW3 Nexus.

4 Nut/ 1 Event Chest / 0 Quest Chest / 0 Forge

I only done 5 TRoom and… Forge material or nah?

0 Avalon/ 1 Phantom / 0 Event Chest/ 0 Quest Chest / 0 Forge

Another one.

3 Titan / 3 TRoom / 1 Chest / 0 Forge

And another phat TY for @Trentran for popping this Lab. Took me 10-20 TRoom for that Condu.

1 HCreation/ 0 Event Chest / 0 Quest Chest / 0 Forge.

A day later:

From the STD (Space Travel Dungeon) squad. Had spam HP pots on survival because my muscle memory is trash…

Now all I am missing is the skull. Should replace my Shroud with this robe or what?

Oh yes, after I fed them for that Divine pet.
3 Septavius/ 4 TRoom/ 1 Chest/ 4 Forge /1 Event chest.


Sometimes…event chests are good.


no ring tho ;(


I’ve heard t13s are hard to get from voids so i guess this counts



Strangely enough, jandjk doesn’t know my drops, but his reactions are coincidentally justified in this case…


not worth an “oh yeah”



Maybe I should use this with Ritual Robe on my Sorc. 12 man Shatts on Crown Hunter.

Not bad.