The White Bag Thread v3


Quit btw.




cool I guess for my ppe, but I alr had one

That’s cool I guess but I think since I alr have an A.S.S I could just use it for forge


Aghhhgh i have really mixed feelings on bracer but i played with pyra almost exclusively until a few weeks ago so I guess I’ll make do…



That dagger is so unbelievably rare, like there’s this guy that does 500 cult marathons and he’s done them like at least 3 times now and each marathon he’s gotten 1.


I’ve had more of that dagger than I care to remember. I guess it’s just rng.


I alr showed this on my PPE thread but first o3 white!


forgot to post these here. scripture bp and coronation were in the same bag!

luminaire hunt continues…


Event whites are nice to get


Full set of runes now :man_shrugging:




Today: Doing that 5 hours no-TP maxing for Mystic. This is going to take 12 to 16 hours for me to get it done. But hey, at least a bit of comeback for Boots on the Ground (sort of though because I had other characters TP’ed when event bosses appears).

Too bad I already have it


Definitely this.


I thought they removed boots on the ground?


they did but he did boots every character when it still existed (and a short while after it didn’t)


Well for a month after got removed.


23+ WLabs completed so far.

Not bad. Figured that it pairs well with Enforcer, GGuard and Sourcestone/DCoronation (even though I don’t have them LOL).

And all I need is get Lotus Trap and HHide back to complete the set.

After 50+ Mountain Temple, I finally got an actual MT white. Aether is not bad but I would prefer Fallen.

Good for max Speed build.

EZ forge material.

And that too.

That’s all for now.


well, had a duo cult and got the skull, right after tp’ed to avatar in pillar phase and got this beauty :four_leaf_clover:


oh yeah

thats all three shatts whites :^) If I told myself I’d have all of this stuff four years ago I wouldn’t believe it. I never thought I’d get this good at the game.


First Shatters Chest lol