The White Bag Thread v3


but anyway, this summoner died…


I got the last part of the set! Time to wait another year to get interregnum sadge


Does bee mace only drop from troom?



Yes. Bee mace blueprint drops from spawners though.



honestly more excited that I saw @Mattyfatty c:


From last week:

From the Cystal vs Spider (fed it BTW)


And another one.

Fits well with my main Samu and my IGN.

From the Crystal vs Spider campaign.

Ahhhhh why?!

Another one? Maybe I should use it for Forge.






8 legendary whites and I’ll have my dream set :o



Got my first conflict and first o3 white, it took multiple attempts but I got it on my 5th complete


so i managed to get an ogmur, a jugg, a cwand, and a snake charmer pungi all in 15 minutes


for me… always the same :smiley:


another couple things i didn’t post here


Almost a perfect phat bag for you (only if it wasn’t UBVit LOL).

Give this man a lottery ticket.

AHHHH!!! My son got that Oggy <3 <3 <3


I love the ogmur




3rd nest since summoner came out :sunglasses: