The White Bag Thread v3


I got a bracer yesterday, but I forged it into a recurring terror spell


Why would you waste Legendary forge material on something lower than that? You should have save it for forging Genesis or Tablet.


I don’t have the blueprint for any legendary spells, and I think by the time I get them, I’ll have some more legendary UTs.


Even so, you should have saved it just in case you need them.


I suppose


My man, bracer’s at least decent, you should’ve kept it, or at best, grind rare forge material through the epic dungeons! Don’t just forge new items you recently got bruh


I now have enough runes for 6 O3s, neat.


Did I smell UBHP? :eyes:


wow thats a pretty stacked bag


3.2 range?




Yea that’s why I questioned them, did they nerf the range


Don’t think so. Realmeye still says 3.3


44th Void [2nd Void White]


46th Void [White From Chest]


Rune and UBHP decent

Skull! hmmmm my necro gonna have some curse/damage combo shenanigans…


I got Bloodshed Ring today! I have not used in the forge yet. Should I?


Congrats, probably best to forge it though




Nope, no picture. I always forget to take pictures and now I can’t play